Your nest in the bustling city center.

A place where we know what the Good Life means to you. That familiar place designed to meet all your lifestyle needs and where the people know your name.

This is not a club about wealth, but about shared experiences. We are a community fueled by optimism, bounded together by a common passion for creating “The Good Life”. Easily connect with individuals and groups that share the same interests, hobbies and passions.

This is not a stuffy private club, but a social club about the discovery, creation and sharing of experiences. Using a subscription-based system, our subscribers participate in a year-round program of events ranging from business, culture, arts & design as well as quality living, helping you discover more, and to enhance your professional and personal life. 

This is not a club of elitists, but a community of self-selected and like-minded subscribers. An invite-only policy and fair subscription fees ensuring that we remain democratic yet exclusive. 

Clubhouse members have access to our full range of exclusive facilities and premium services, dedicated to optimizing a relaxed environment for work and play.

From exclusive facilities to dedicated events, members gain access to a range of benefits designed to elevate their lifestyle and complement their personal tastes. Membership includes access to all club spaces, including the multipurpose working spaces, the gym, and the entire CHAO events program.

Prospective members should complete the application process, and must be nominated by two current members or be invited by the CHAO Clubhouse. If you have not yet received an invitation, please answer the questions on the application form. CHAO Clubhouse will seriously consider every application.